Ninth investment for the second Flexam Invest fund – FTAIF II

FLEXAM TAIF II has supported the expansion of a leading German training aircraft manufacturer, through the financing of four training aircraft for its pilot academy in September 2022. Since its foundation in 1971, the company has become a specialist in the manufacturing of light composite training aircraft and has sold aircraft in more than 25 different countries.

The financed model is a civil aircraft used for elementary pilot training and is one of the best performing aircraft in its category. It is powered by a high-performance Rolls-Royce turboprop engine and is currently a top 5 seller in the elementary training category.

Thanks to its level of sophistication, the aircraft is the perfect fit to train specialized pilots who are becoming essential in a world where natural disasters will be more and more present. Following their complete training, those specialized pilots will be able to fly amongst others:

  • helicopters for rescue purposes,
  • observation aircraft to identify disaster areas,
  • aircraft to transport equipment and organise evacuations,
  • canadairs for firefighting, and
  • military aircraft.

LHI Group, one of the leading German asset managers specialized in aviation, renewables and real estate, originated and in partnership with Flexam Invest structured the deal.

This transaction is the ninth investment of FTAIF II and the first in the aviation sector, in which FLEXAM TAIF II intends to further develop targeting specialized assets with a social purpose, such as medical or training aircraft, as well as assets supporting the decarbonization dynamics of the transport and logistics sectors.

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