Our commitments

The history of Flexam Invest and of our team is closely linked to the development of the real economy.

Understanding the issues of the different sectors covered allows Flexam Invest to offer tailored solutions to each of our client.

Flexam Invest sets itself appart by developping long-term partnerships with manufacturers and operators. Although the company has experienced significant growth over the past decade, we always remain loyal to our historical partners who have also grown with the help of Flexam Invest.

Disclosure for an article 8 fund FTAIF II

The protection of the environment and human rights are the core spirits of Flexam Invest, as we are one of the signatories of UN PRI. ESG criteria is an essential point in the analysis of each financing case. Flexam Invest encourages its partners to pay more attention to the social impact of their activities and environmental protection by introducing criteria to comply with ecological standards in the selection of funded deals.

La protection de l’environnement, et des droits de l’homme
Flexam Invest se différencie aussi par sa fidélité avec ses partenaires

Flexam Invest differentiates itself by its fidelity with its partners.

At Flexam Invest, we aim to accompany them in the long-term. This fidelity is a guarantee of “win-win” exchanges and of sustainable partnerships with manufacturers and operators.


Watson Farley & Williams is proud of its relationship with Flexam having represented its funds in several investments, including “first of a kind” transactions.  Flexam is a significant investor in our key sectors of Transport & Logistics and Energy, offering an alternative financing option with bespoke funding solutions tailored to the specific client needs.

Watson Fairley & Williams LLP

Flexam Invest is a pioneer in the implementation of an ESG approach to tangible asset investment. Given the complexity of this activity, as well as the diversity of actors involved in this kind of transaction, Flexam Invest ‘s approach is comprehensive and has a clear objective: to accompany the transition of financed tangible assets towards more sustainable solutions and to contribute to the sustainability of this era.

Céline Bonnenfant, Senior Manager, Ethifiance

Flexam Invest offers innovative financing solutions and can show pragmatism and flexibility in the interest of the deal.  The Flexam Invest team listens to the customer and its strong commitment allows it to overcome all issues and bring the transaction to a successful close.

Matthieu de Varax, Founder of Odi-sé Avocats