About us

Founded in 2011, Flexam Invest is a company specialized in real assets financing for European companies.

Since the creation, its vision has remained unchanged: Mobilizing private and institutional equity to support the development of industrial companies and preserve their own equity.

With a tried-and-tested investment strategy proven by a first investors circle, Flexam Invest has then developed its first investment fund to finance €185 million of assets from 2018 to 2020.

In 2021, Flexam Invest confirms its ambition by launching a second fund with a target size of €250 million.

Fabrice Fraikin, Florian de Sigy et Stephan Cromback, associés de Flexam Invest
Fabrice Fraikin (Co-founder) and Florian de Sigy (Partner)

Flexam Invest is based in Paris, with other offices in London, Brussels, and Luxembourg, and now forms a team of professionals, covering the business sectors including mobility, logistics, energy transition, light infrastructure and other tangible assets.

In a world where the real economy retains a prominent place, Flexam Invest supports both investors and companies with flexible solutions based on a rigorous methodology.




B2B operations


long-term industrial partners who bring recurring offers


of assets financed outside France