Our offer

Flexam Invest is open to the demands from manufacturers and operators and offers financing solutions in line with their needs. Flexibility, responsiveness, efficiency will always be the principles of the proposed solutions.

Sale and Leaseback

Do you have new projects? Refinance the assets that you already acquired to set free the liquidity, preserve your equity and lighten your balance sheet.

Flexam Invest purchases your assets and makes them available to you through the leasing agreement. At the end of the financing (5-10 years), the assets will be resold at a residual value agreed in advance.

Therefore, you keep using your assets and you free up the cash for other projects.

“Sale and leaseback” includes many financial advantages and makes it possible to release the cash quickly without disrupting the operating cycle of current contracts.


Flexam Invest supports you in the financing of your new assets’ investment projects.

By acquiring the assets to be financed and setting up a financial lease agreement, Flexam Invest allows its clients to preserve their cash flow while developing their business.

Vendor Financing Program

Flexam Invest supports you by setting up a financing program for your sales.

After defining the criteria to access the files provided by your clients, Flexam Invest allocates a financing envelope. Each file will be analyzed carefully and Flexam Invest will offer you a solution adapted to each client in a fast and transparent way.

Eligibility criteria


Our team supports you in your projects after analyzing the following criteria:
– New or second-hand assets
– Location in an OECD country
– Longer economic life span of the asset than the financing period
– Sufficient counterparty credit quality – Discretionary analysis
– Fair purchase price in line with the market value
– Compliance with Flexam Invest’s ESG charter


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