FTAIF II – The second Flexam Invest fund develops its partnership with IMT

Flexam Invest develops its partnership with Intermodal Telematics (IMT) by financing a new portfolio of trackers and sensors. IMT is a Dutch manufacturer which emerges as a key supplier of tank railcars and containers’ tracking solutions in the European market.

These trackers can follow in real time the location of a fleet of assets through IMT’s platform, while measuring their pressure, their temperature, their movement, any shock suffered, etc. They comply with the last European standards enabling to control the transport of all liquid bulks in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries.

Equipped with solar panels and batteries, they are autonomous in energy and can resist to temperatures from -40°C to +110°C. Able to communicate through telephone, radio or GPS lines, they permit to reduce the risks of operational accidents and to ensure the quality of the liquids transported while enabling a more efficient monitoring of their fleet by operators.

This new investment for Flexam TAIF II in the logistic industry ensures the continuity of the two first transactions realized with IMT in 2021 and 2022. It confirms Flexam Invest’s willingness to build long-term partnerships while also supporting innovative solutions in line with the ESG objectives of this industry.