FTAIF II – New investment for the Flexam Invest fund

NA-KD, a European leader in the textile and e-commerce industry, experiences since its launch in 2015 in Sweden an important growth, while respecting its social and environmental commitments and claiming its willingness to develop a more responsible and sustainable fashion.

FTAIF II supports the growth of NA-KD by financing the acquisition of an automated storage solution manufactured by AutoStore for its new warehouse in the Netherlands. Stocks in this warehouse will be used to prepare the orders delivered to continental Europe where NA-KD already has more than 2 million of customers.

This automated solution is equipped with robots capable of carrying goods up to 30 kilos from 5-meters grids to conveyors, reducing the drudgery for operators and diminishing the required storage area. Element Logic, which has accompanied NA-KD in the design of the structure, will be in charge of the incremental installation of the modules.

This new investment realized by Flexam TAIF II, the first in the intralogistics sector, is a continuation of the previous similar investments done by the FTAIF I in France and confirms Flexam Invest’s ambition to sustain innovation and evolutions of the supply chain in Europe.

Autostore system