Tenth investment for the second Flexam Invest fund – FTAIF II

FLEXAM TAIF II has supported the growth of an engineering company that manufactures innovative products in the transport and logistics sectors. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, it is a well-established player in the market with a desire to significantly expand.

This asset financing will enable the company to support innovation and a strong order book in the years to come. The financing encompasses a wide range of electric and hydrogen assets dedicated to the transport of goods. These vehicles are at the forefront of logistic decarbonation and automation: tractors for ports and warehouses, container carriers and a hydrogen development/demonstration truck.

FLEXAM TAIF II carried out this operation in close collaboration with Fidlease, a French specialist in leasing solutions for all business equipments.

This transaction is the tenth investment of FTAIF II and confirms Flexam Invest’s ambition to support the decarbonization dynamic of the transport and logistics sectors and be a partner in a transition towards a greener industry.