Fifth investment for the second Flexam Invest fund – FTAIF II

As part of the shipping market development, FLEXAM TAIF II closed a financing agreement with the Dutch operator Longship Group B.V. (LONGSHIP), introduced by the world-wide renowned shipping broker Clarksons PLC, for a sale & leaseback of the mid-size young fleet of 4 coastal dry bulk ships mainly used to transport biomass products and 2 multipurpose vessels (MPP).

This win-win transaction not only further deepens Flexam Invest’s ESG commitments thanks to a reduced environmental footprint of the assets and the support of renewable energies, but enables LONGSHIP’s fleet renewal and supports its greener ambitions. The vessels are running on MGO fuel which represents one of the cleanest options at the time for this kind of vessels. The biomass products that the vessels mainly carry support the Northern Europe energy transition, switching from fossil fuel to biomass for heat and electricity production.

This new investment by FLEXAM TAIF II is the first successful cooperation with LONGSHIP, followed by ongoing discussion on more projects. LONGSHIP, main actor in European shortsea dry-bulk trade sector with very good and sustainable performance and high reputation, operating its vessels on behalf of its long-term tier one clients shows strong willingness to build a long-term partnership with Flexam Invest.

This financing project also includes a strong support from a financing partner ABN AMRO BANK N.V., which not only proves the high industry recognition but allows the portfolio diversification and risk mitigation for FLEXAM TAIF II.