Eighth investment for the second Flexam Invest fund – FTAIF II

FLEXAM TAIF II capitalizes on its existing relationship with the Dutch operator Longship Group B.V. (LONGSHIP) since a first sale and leaseback transaction of 6 bulk carriers in 2021. FLEXAM TAIF II has completed a new agreement for the refinancing of one bulk carrier and the acquisition of two others to complement the LONGSHIP’s fleet.

These vessels have a reduced environmental footprint, use MGO fuel and are equipped with ballast water treatment systems. The fleet will be used to transport dry cargo, mainly biomass, agricultural products, and raw materials for construction.

LONGSHIP is gradually increasing its fleet of coasters to maintain its dominant position in its segment, supported by FLEXAM TAIF II, which is contributing to the group’s growth. These vessels will allow Longship to secure new long-term contracts with major bulk transport players in Europe.

This new investment strengthens the long-term partnership between FLEXAM TAIF II and LONGSHIP. This financing, also concluded with the participation of the banking partner ABN AMRO BANK N.V., demonstrates once again the trust placed in FLEXAM TAIF II by a long-standing player in asset financing in the maritime industry.

Vraquier - Longwolf